Música Sugerida

1) 65Days of static-Heat Death Infinity Splitter

1) 65Days of static-Sleepwalk City
2) ABBY – This Song Remains Through All (Clockwork Remix)
3) AWOLNATION – Run (Audio)
4) Dancing Strawhats x TroyBoi x Koharu Sugawara – Kimono
5)Six Days [The Remix][Mix] – DJ Shadow, Mos Def
6)Assassin Creed II-Florence Escape
7)Tron Legacy-The Grid

1)Assassin Creed II-Approaching Target 3
2)Assassin Creed II-Night Mission In Venice

He visto un Dragon o algo muy chungo:
1)Shingeki no Kyojin BSO-. XL-TT

Reager Persecuciones y Velocidad:
1) Crystal Method- Play For Real
2) Need For Speed Underground- Supermoves
3 )Need For Speed Underground- Doomsday

Kraken combatiendo/jugando con la presa:
1) Need For Speed Underground- Kimosabe
2)Assasin Creed II- Wetlands Combat
3)Blade BSO- the_rza-fatal-musiq

Discoteca de Moda:
1) The Qemists-No more

1) Crystal Method- Smile
2) Amon Tobin- Easy Muffin
3) Emma_Hewitt-Rewind_RemoteKontrol
4) Gary Num- I am Dust
5) Dead can dance – enigma of the absolute

Ork Nigger Ladies
1) Lady Sovereign – Luv Me or Hate Me

Ork Nigger Rapers
1) Roots Manuva – No Love
2) Need For Speed Underground-Get Low
3) Need For Speed Underground-Need for Speed

1) Need For Speed Underground- The Only
2) Need For Speed Underground-24´s
3) Barrio Japones: Kou ga kyo
4) Barrio Japones: Kirara
5) 65Days of static-Radio Protector

Whiskarl Theme:
1)DMX- X Gon Give It to Ya

Música Sugerida

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